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BlazeDVD Professional
*BlazeDVD Professional* : http://i46.tinypic.com/ileslt.jpg BlazeDVD is leading powerful and easy-to-use DVD Player software. It can provide superior video and audio (Dolby) quality, together with other enhanced features:e.g. recording DVD, playback image and DV, bookmark and image capture.etc. Furthermore, besides DVD, Video CD, Audio CD, BlazeDVD supports DIVX, MPEG4, RM, QuickTime, WMV, WMV-HD, MacroMedia Flash and any other video file you have the codec installed for. The DVD Playersoftware can be extensive compatible with hardware, which is operated stable, smoothly under Windows 7/Vista/XP.BlazeDVD is optimized for most updated CPUs and fully support MMX command sets for INTEL MMX, SSE, SSE2, AMD 3DNOW, 3DNOW PRO and has incorporated many up-to-date technologies like video hardware decode acceleration to endure high resolution picture playback. Newly added DVD record function enables you to record DVD movie as MPEG2 video or record DVD audio as MP3 audio file.BlazeDVD - Key Features: DVD, VCD, SVCD. Beside DVD (DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-DL) playback , BlazeDVD is able to play VCD (VCD1.1, VCD2.0) and SVCD smoothly with one click only. Supported video formats. BlazeDVD also allows you to playback nearly all video files such as AVI, MPEG, MPG, M1V, DAT, MPA, MPE, MPV2, TS, TP, TRP, WMV, ASF, ASX, DV, DV1, VOB, M2V, IVF, MOV, QT, RMVB, RM, DivX, SWF, etc. High-Definition Video. BlazeDVD supports WMV-HD and MPEG2 HD ; additionally it supports resolutions noted of 1280 x 720 (720p) or 1920 x 1080 (1080p), high resolution ratio reaches MPEG-2 Video. Record DVD video/audio. BlazeDVD lets you record DVD movie as MPEG 2 video or MP3 audio file. You can freely to record any your favorite movie segment to save it on your hard drive or portable de vice. Picture in picture. This DVD player support PIP (Picture in picture) feature which allows you to watch two different movies simultaneously to expand your enjoyment. Multiple screen display. BlazeDVD displays a vast array of viewing screens including Normal display, letterbox(compute the largest 4x3 acrea of the output window), pan&scan (use the horizontal offset to extract a 4x3 subwindow), widescreen. Hardware decode acceleration. Enabling use of hardware moving compensation provided with VGA card and use of color compensation offered with VGA card by BlazeDVD. Support Microsoft DirectX vIDEO Acceleration. Multichannel Decoding Supported. Audio decoding supports multichannel decoding, including output modes of stereo, 4.1, 5.1 channels and support up to 7.1 channels. Virtual Dual Channel Supported. Supports virtual dual channels surround sound effects like TruSurroundXT, Dolby earphone, Dolby surround sound effects and DirectSound3D/A3D. Amplify Special Audio Effects. Echo and Amplify special audio effects; supports 10 bands preset Equalizer value, including Classical, Club, Dance, Full Bass, Full Bass_Treble, Full Treble, Laptop, Large hall, Live, Loudness, Party, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Ska, Soft, Soft Rock, Techno, Custom, etc. Auto resume play. Auto-resume (Bookmark) feature lets you jump right to the last viewed location of DVD. You can freely select playback from beginning or last position of the movie. Convert recorded file. With one right click, you can easily convert the recorded file into other video formats like ASF, AVI, iPod MP4, MPEG, PSP MP4, etc. All the converted File could be playback on most popular portable device such as iPod, PSP, iPhone and so on. Dolby 5.1 supported. With this amazing feature, your can experience compelling 5.1-channel surround sound. You can be confident that you'll hear the audio exactly as it was intended. Auto optimize function. Offering high strength smooth playback by removing screen burrs and dithering; Utilize the new high performance CPU's capacity to reduce the blocky effect for obtaining the better video quality. Hi-Fi Audio Supported. With Hi-Fi audio processing effect, you get the high-quality reproduction of sound and image that are very faithful to the original performance. Dolby Pro Logic II Supported. Dolby Pro Logic II can decode dual channels audio source like MP3, VDC or SVCD into multi channel surround sound effect. Microsoft DirectSound Standard Interface Supported. Supports DVD imaging or game playing of Microsoft DirectSound standard interface. Visualization. Visualization enables BlazeDVD to display multi-colored shapes and patterns that change in harmony with the audio track being played.Change Log: Compatible with Windows 7/Vista/XP DVD, VCD, SVCD, Video playback Support nearly all media formats such as MPG, VOB, AC3, ASF, M1V, M2V, MOV, QT, AVI, WMV, DAT, VRO, WAV, MID, WM, WMA, MP2, MP3, RMI, RM, RMVB, MOV, QT, SWF, OGM, etc. Auto-resume and Bookmarks Picture in picture Record DVD movies into MPEG2 video or MP3 audio file Convert the recorded files into popular formats for portable devices. Image capture, browse from your favorite movie : http://i37.tinypic.com/2pzxzly.png : http://i32.tinypic.com/t0rbcx.gif Code:---------http://rapidshare.com/files/349594527/BlazeDVD. *If you are interested say thanks*


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